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18342270 1352416704828215 358362726847608002 N

    The Felstrix is a hybrid between a cat (felis catus) and an owl (strix). The Felstrix has large, round owl shaped eyes and bridge with cat pupils. The overall body shape and beak for a mouth are consistent with an owl’s body, but the shape of the chin, the ears, whiskers, fur, and color patterns are from the cat. Although the body is covered in fur, there are owl wings that are made of feathers that sit on the body identical to an owl. The Fesltrix’s feathers continue the cat pattern and coloring. The fesltrix does not have limbs like a cat, but rather two muscular legs leading to two talons on which the Felstrix sits upright like an owl. The Talons have a soft paw-like shape to their pads that the sharp claws come out of, and are double the size of an owl’s talons. The Felstrix has a cat tail made of fur, but with one long feather that grows directly off of the end tip of the tail. Depending on the size of the feather at the tip of the Felstrix’s tail, you can tell how old the Felstrix is. For every centimeter is equivalent to one year in age. If the feather for some reason is lost, the health of the Felstrix deteriates rapidly until a new feather is regenerated.


    The abilities of the cat and owl are similar in their ability to hunt and see in the dark, which is enhanced even more so with the Felstrix. Although a cat sleeps for up to 16 hours in a day and an owl is nocturnal, the Felstrix sleeps for 12 hours, 6 at night and 6 during the day (usually from 6am to noon and again at 6pm to midnight or corresponding to the seasons or desire to nap randomly from laziness). The muscle development in the Felstrix’s body are much more like the cat’s, with jumping ability heightened. The Felstrix climbs, jumps, and soars. The Felstrix eats the same diet as a cat or an owl, but loves mice and fish best. The Felstrix will dive and jump into water to catch a fish with its talons, but afterwards immediately grooms themselves with their tongue to their fur and their beak pecking at their wings’ feathers.


    The Felstrix is a woodland creature that is very hard to keep as a pet if they were born in the wild. When they are born, their mothers give live births to the “flitter” right after they come out of their shells while still in the womb. The mother pushes out the flitter and with the sacs that come out you can see the broken pieces of shells. If for some reason a baby Felstrix is birthed by the mother but is still in the egg, then it is an extremely special baby (usually the runt) from the flitter called a “so-be.” This is due to the fact that when they do hatch from the egg and see their mother they bond intensely and immediately. People will take a So-Be and wait for them to hatch while in their hands so that the Felstrix bonds to the human that is holding their egg. A human bonded with a Felstrix is an incredibly precious bond that can last the entire lifespan of the human.

            The Felstrix is extremely protective of whomever it is bonded with. Mages are attempting to study the Felstrix’s psychic abilities, because many books by elders have been written about the bond between a human and Felstrix using telepathic communication between the two as well as clairaudience and clairvoyance abilities received by the human in the relationship.


            The Felstrix can frighten people due to their characteristics making them look angry or like a fierce predator. However, the bond between a human and Felstrix is full of unconditional love, loyalty, protection, and gentle kindness.



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Caitlin Christina
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
My nickname is Cat.

God is my hero and strength.

Every day I wake up is the best day of my life.

I have been dancing since I was three,
but I am the clumsiest girl you will have the pleasure of seeing trip.

I rock at learning life lessons the hard way,
and am even better at remaining resilient through it all.

My socks rarely match...and I'm perfectly cool with it.

Laughing so hard I start to cry is my favorite hobby.

The Greatest Gift is Gratitude

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 1, 2015, 8:30 PM
I love my loved ones.

Learning to live in the moment and enjoy it wherever I am at.

Feels so good to let go and be happy!


  • Listening to: Hozier - Take Me to Church
  • Reading: the book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Watching: Supernatural
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